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Healthcare Advocacy Services

  • Coordinate care and communicate with your medical team
  • Help with medical decision-making
  • Oversee care and support you during hospitalization
  • Research treatment options and sources for excellent care or second opinions
  • Review and organize medical records
  • Help you understand treatment options
  • Accompany you to medical appointments
  • Assist with aging relatives
  • Organize your “end-of-life” documents so your wishes are known

Healthcare Agent Services

  • In person meeting to create detailed summary of client's health history, desires, beliefs, and preferences
  • Creation of laminated wallet cards for HIPAA release and Healthcare Agent contact information
  • A binder containing complete health history, health summary, and healthcare directive
  • Language for attorney in designating HAP as Healthcare Agent
  • HAP will provide services as Primary Agent while also providing 2 additional back up agents in case of emergency  
  • HAP will provide 24 hours a day, 365 days per year availability to client as Healthcare Agent

Payment Information

Healthcare Advocacy Partners will provide a brief initial consultation without charge, usually by phone, during which we estimate the amount of time and expected costs of our consultation. Our services are priced on an hourly basis. Please contact us for more specific information.