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About Dr. Kahn

A board certified physician, Sima Kahn has always been a passionate advocate for her patients and founded Healthcare Advocacy Partners in 2009 to fill a critical gap in the healthcare system. After almost 25 years of Obstetrics and Gynecology practice, Sima’s breadth of clinical experience has given her a deep understanding of the complexities of the medical system and the overwhelming confusion patients often feel when faced with significant health situations. Her strong abilities to help patients navigate these situations and to help them develop personalized treatment plans are some of the many reasons Sima consistently received high patient-satisfaction ratings while in clinical practice.

first quoteAt this stage, with my husband's advice, I sought help from an advocate, an experienced physician, Dr. Sima Kahn. After a consultation, she contacted my physician, who very willingly cooperated and sent my complete records including the specialist's reports. Dr. Kahn helped me navigate and interpret the tests and diagnosis, and then recommended possible choices. I would highly recommend Dr. Sima Kahn who is a highly competent and experienced medical specialist whose warmth and compassion gave me the security I needed. My husband and I felt we had gone that extra mile to find out the best way to recover my health.second quote

—D.R. (78 year old woman with GI problems)